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Affsprung, JoeAdmin. IVEconomic Development843-875-9109 Email
Allen, SamanthaAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control843-832-0015 Email
Amos, EricMicroComputer TechnicianITS843-563-0022 Email
Apple, CarolineDirectorRisk Management & Safety843-832-0216 Email
Atkinson, TresFire ChiefFire Department843-563-0214
Bailey, MandySystem Support TechnicianITS843-563-0022 Email
Bailey, MargaretRegister of DeedsRegister of Deeds843-832-0181 Email
Bair, BobbyParts ManagerFleet Services843-563-0079 Email
Bair, LisaFamily Court CoordinatorFamily Court843-832-0381 Email
Baker, JulieAccounting ClerkTreasurer 843-832-0396 Email
Baldwin, Rosa LeeDeputy Clerk of Court/Common PleasClerk of Court843-563-0113/843-832-0113 Email
Barnhill, DenaAdministrative AssistantFacilities Maintenance843-563-0218 Email
Bates, MelissaDeputy Clerk of Court/Common PleasClerk of Court843-832-0126/843-563-0126 Email
Berry, Mazella Administrative Assistant/Common PleasClerk of Court843-563-0293/843-832-0293 Email
Billman, ToddExecutive DirectorElections and Voters843-832-0071 Email
Bishop, SusanAdmin IIIFamily Court843-832-0360 ext 5402 Email
Blake, LeroySafety OfficerRisk Management & Safety843-200-6564 Email
Blatchford, Mary Jane "MJ" PlannerPlanning & Zoning843-832-0023 Email
Blunt, MaryProbate JudgeProbate843-832-0244 Email
Boisselle, SteveNetwork AdministratorITS843-563-0287 Email
Bowen, DonnaFinance & PurchasingSheriff843-832-0311 Email
Bowers, TerriAdmin. Asst. to SheriffSheriff843-832-0336 Email
Boyd, AlisaAdmin IIIFamily Court843-832-0380 Email
Brickle, SusanClerk to County AdministratorAdministrator843-563-0100
Brouthers, Paul CoronerCoroner843-832-0351 Email
Brown, AdamBattalion CaptainFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Brown, RebeccaPlans ExaminerBuilding Services843-832-0016 Email
Brown, RosaAdministrative Assistant/Common PleasClerk of Court843-563-0251/843-832-0251 Email
Burbage, JodiJury CoordinatorClerk of Court843-563-5784 or 843-851-5784 Email
Burns, MalcolmDeputy Fire ChiefFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Burns, MelissaClerk of ProbateProbate843-851-5785 Email
Button, HansBattalion ChiefFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Byars, JulieGrants & Special Projects CoordinatorFinance843-563-0151 Email
Byrd, BrianInspectorBuilding Services  Email
Campbell, ReginaInspectorBuilding Services  Email
Chadwick, MikeMicrocomputer TechnicianITS843-563-0022 Email
Chaplin, CarrieClerk of MagistratesMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Chitty, Cindy L.TreasurerTreasurer 843-563-0165 Email
Clark, TonyaAccounting Specialist~A/PFinance843-563-0227 Email
Clarke, MelissaDeputy CoronerCoroner843-832-0351 Email
Cobbs, Linda Criminal/Traffic ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Collins, JamieBuilding InspectorBuilding Services843-832-0129 Email
Cook, JenniferAdmin IIIPlanning & Zoning843-832-0014 Email
Crook, BarryBusiness License Administrator   Email
Culley, LindseyCommunity DevelopmentEconomic Development843-875-9109 Email
Dangerfield, RogerDirectorFacilities Maintenance  Email
Dannible, RosiePermit ClerkBuilding Services843-832-0011 Email
Darling, RickCaptain - Detention OperationsSheriff(832) 563-0300 Email
Davis, EricParks and Recreation DirectorParks and Recreation843-563-0193 Email
Davis, JudyBond ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Davis-Grant, MakeahPermit ClerkBuilding Services843-832-0011 Email
DeMott, RussellAssociate Probate JudgeProbate843-851-5785 Email
Dixon, AmyClaims AssistantRisk Management & Safety843-832-0283 Email
Drumheller, David AProgrammer/AnalystITS843-563-0022 Email
Dukes, SherryRegistration ClerkElections and Voters 
Durr, AliceAdministrative AssistantFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Edwards, MollyLaw ClerkProbate843-832-0309 Email
Elmore, GailDivision Chief of EstatesProbate843-832-0136 Email
Elmore, Keith Chief Deputy Coroner Coroner(843)832-0351 Email
Farmer, CarlaLegal AssistantAdministrator843-563-0097 Email
Fisher, WendyMicrocomputer TechnicianITS843-563-0022 Email
Formisano, MarioDirectorEmergency Management(843) 832-0341 Email
Frederick, CharlesCaptain - PatrolSheriff(843) 832-0306 Email
Funderburk, PeggyAccounting Clerk IVFinance  Email
Garber, DavidGIS CoordinatorAssessor, GIS(843)832-0208 Email
Garrison, JohnMajor - EnforcementSheriff(843) 832-0314 Email
Glover, ChantellExecutive AssistantAdministrator843-832-0043 Email
Goodwine, BernieEviction ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Graham, CherylClerk of CourtClerk of Court843-563-0120/843-832-0120 Email
Graham, JohnMicrocomputer TechnicianITS843-563-0022 Email
Green, LisaAdmin IIIFamily Court843-832-0376 Email
Greenhill, MerialCode Enforcement OfficerEnvironmental Services843-832-0013 Email
Griffin, Kelli Payroll ManagerFinance(843)563-5782/(843)832-5782 Email
Grooms, MissyAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control843-832-0015 Email
Gupton, EmmaAccounting SpecialistTreasurer 843-832-0396 Email
Harper, Christine Senior Accounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0165 Email
Harper, LarryWater & Sewer DirectorWater & Sewer843-832-0061 Email
Hart, SusanAdministrative AssistantAssessor843-563-0176 Email
Hay, Don Airport ManagerAirport(843)851-0970 Email
Hay, MelanieRevenue AnalystAdministrator843-563-0397 Email
Heber, TiffanyLand Surveying TechPlanning & Zoning(843)832-0029 or (843)563-0029 Email
Hiers, Teresa Chief of OperationsClerk of Court843-563-0121/843-832-0121 Email
Hill, DeniseCivil ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Hinson, JordanExpungement ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Hodges, ShannonAdministrative AssistantClerk of Court843-832-0235/563-0235 Email
Hoff, Sherri Criminal/Traffic ClerkMagistrate Courts843-563-0130 Email
Hopkins, MelissaChief Building OfficialBuilding Services843-832-0012 or 843-563-0012 Email
Horne, Brenda Registration ClerkElections and Voters 
Hurley, SusanDeputy AssessorAssessor843-832-0162 or 843-563-0162 Email
Infinger, NellAccounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0280 Email
Jamison, DarleneJury Trial/Prelim ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Johnson, MonicaCriminal/Traffic ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Jones, JeromeCaptain - Judicial ServicesSheriff(843) 563-0300 Email
Jones, JulieSenior Accountant IFamily Court843-832-0382 Email
Justice, BenAnimal Control OfficerAnimal Control843-832-0015 Email
Kehl, GeorgeNetwork AdministratorITS843-563-0287 Email
Kelley, JulieAccounting Clerk II 843-832-0396 Email
Kizer, MeaganAdmin IVMaster in Equity843-563-0001 Email
Knight, L.C.SheriffSheriff(843) 832-0300 Email
Knight, Olivia Administrative AssistantCoroner(843)832-0351 Email
Knight, Jr., ErnieDirectorFleet Services(843)563-0078 Email
Kociuruba, DevanEstate ClerkProbate843-832-0282 Email
Krakeel, LindsayParamedicEMS  Email
Langley, TraceyClerk to County CouncilCounty Council843-832-0196 Email
Lawley, MorganMental Health ClerkProbate843-563-0401 Email
Layfield, DylanRecycling & Education CoordinatorRecycling(843) 832-0070 Email
Lee, CynthiaChief Deputy Family Court Clerk Family Court843-832-0360 Email
Lee, TommyElection AnalystElections and Voters(843) 832-0010 x5108 Email
Lee, Wendy Deputy DirectorEMS(843)832-0038 Email
Lentz, NancyTherapeutic ClerkProbate843-832-0253 Email
Limehouse, ThomasCaptain - DispatchSheriff(843) 832-0301 Email
Major, ClaudeMajor - Special OperationsSheriff(843) 563-0415 Email
McCrackin, TamiExecutive Assistant to the Chief Financial OfficerAdministrator843-563-0103 Email
McKnight, TheresaAdministrative Assistant IVEmergency Management(843) 832-0341 Email
McNamara, MatthewDeputy DirectorEmergency Management843-832-5074 Email
Messervy, James (JJ)AuditorAuditor 
Millhouse, TrinaFamily Court Docket CoordinatorFamily Court843-832-0377 Email
Mizell, KarenAdministrative Assistant/General SessionsClerk of Court843-563-0183/843-832-0183 Email
Mizzell, Cheryl Senior AccountantFinance843-563-0397 Email
Morris, PamelaAppraiser TraineeAssessor843-832-0175 Email
Motley, LauraAdministrative AssistantBuilding Services843-832-0326 Email
Murray, KellyAccounting SpecialistTreasurer 843-563-0149 Email
Murray, Meredith Deputy DirectorElections and Voters(843) 832-0132 Email
Nettles, Betty Senior Accounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0165 Email
Nix, BrendaDeputy AuditorAuditor(843) 563/832-0109 Email
Norton, TiffanyPublic Information OfficerAdministrator843-563-0084 Email
Patrick, KellyAccounting Clerk IVDelinquent Tax843-563-0110 Email
Phinney, TonyCaptain - InvestigationsSheriff843-832-0328 Email
Place, JohnCommunications TechnicianEmergency Management(843) 832-0256 Email
Potts, CharlieDeputy County AdministratorAdministrator843-832-0043
Prentice, DanielChief Financial OfficerAdministrator843-563-0103
Quattlebaum, BeckyBuilding InspectorBuilding Services843-832-0129 or 843-563-0129 Email
Reeves, AshleyAdmin IIAuditor(843)563-0118 Email
Reinertsen, KieraSenior PlannerPlanning & Zoning(843)-832-0008 Email
Rhode, LindaDeputy ControllerFinance(843)563-0252/(843)832-0252 Email
Richardson, SamChief Deputy Sheriff(843) 852-0310 Email
Roberts, CarolynClerk of MagistratesMagistrate Courts843-563-0164 Email
Rodgers, ElaineCriminal ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email
Russell, DanaAdministrative AssistantFleet Services843-563-0254 Email
Rutledge, Leigh AnnDeputy TreasurerTreasurer 843-563-0102 Email
Searcy, JohnComputer Support Specialist IFamily Court843-832-0363 Email
Searcy, PaulaFinance ManagerTreasurer 843-563-0249 Email
Sherrouse, RandyBattalion ChiefFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Shiell, BrandiCourt Specialist IFamily Court843-832-0361 Email
Shuler, JessicaBudget OfficerAdministrator843-563-0365 Email
Silcox, PetraAccounting SpecialistFamily Court843-832-0360 Email
Simmons, LisaInspectorBuilding Services  Email
Simoes, Jo Ellen Accounting SpecialistTreasurer 843-563-0161 Email
Simpson, JanHR Generalist IIHuman Resources(843)563-0333 Email
Smith, JohnCaptain - Special ServicesSheriff(843) 832-0300 Email
Smith, WendyDeputy Director & Existing Industries ManagerEconomic Development843-875-9109 Email
Staropoli, Karen Administrative AssistantBuilding Services843-832-0011 or 843-563-0011 Email
Stephens, Jestine Civil ClerkMagistrate Courts843-563-0130 Email
Stevens, RebeccaChief Deputy Clerk of Court/Common PleasClerk of Court843-832-0108/563-0108 Email
Taylor, WandaCaptain - Detention -Administration (843) 563-1264 Email
Thompson, CarolCode Enforcement ManagerEnvironmental Services843-832-0013 Email
Thompson, Robin Criminal/Traffic ClerkMagistrate Courts843-563-0130 Email
Thompson, TammyHR Generalist IIHuman Resources(843)563-0144 Email
Thorpe, Stephanie AppraiserAssessor843-563-0138 Email
Tollison, CharmHR Generalist IHuman Resources(843) 563-0199 Email
Toto, Jacqueline S. Accounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0165 ext 5226 Email
Truluck, JohnDirectorEconomic Development843-875-9109 Email
Tucker, LisaAdministrative AssistantFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Tucker, RamonBattalion CaptainFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Turbeville, Jill Senior Accounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0165 Email
Turner, BrentBattlion CaptainFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Turner, LeonittaDirector of Human ResourcesHuman Resources(843) 563-0242 Email
Turner, TracyAdmin IIIFamily Court843-832-0378 Email
VanDoren, TerranceMajor - DetentionSheriff(843) 563 - 0266 Email
Walsh, Linda Deputy CoronerCoroner(843)832-0351 Email
Walters, FeliciaSenior Accounting ClerkTreasurer 843-563-0206 Email
Walters, Jason Chief Information OfficerITS843-832-0024 Email
Ward, JasonCounty AdministratorAdministrator 
Waring, BenjaminBattalion ChiefFire Department843-563-0214 Email
Warren, DouglasDirectorEMS(843)832-0286 Email
Water & Sewer, Customer Service Water & Sewer843-832-0075 Email
Welch, WayneAssessorAssessor843-832-0162 or 843-563-0162 Email
West , Justin GIS Analyst Emergency Management843-832-0039 Email
Westbury, TondaChief Deputy Clerk of Court/General SessionsClerk of Court843-563-0231/843-832-0231 Email
Williams, JuanitaLand Surveying TechPlanning & Zoning(843)832-0027 or (843)563-0027 Email
Wilson, ElizabethCriminal/Traffic ClerkMagistrate Courts843-832-0370 Email