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Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Telephone Numbers
  • Summerville Phone: 832-0070
  • Summerville Fax: 832-0052
  • St George Phone: 563-0070
  • St George Fax: 563-0052
Mailing Address and Location: 2120 East Main St, Dorchester SC, 29437
 Dorchester County/Recycling now has
Composters for $30.00 each.
call 843-563-0070

2014 Dorchester County Recycling Rate of 37.64 puts us
in the Top of Recycling Counties in South Carolina!

Dorchester County Recycling would like to thank the residents of Dorchester County for your participation in Recycling in 2014. This past year Dorchester County residents and businesses set a new county recycling rate of 37.64%, and came close to the South Carolina State Recycling goal of 40%. This new ranking was reported in the DHEC Annual report, which is a comprehensive overview of the amount of solid waste recycled in the 46 counties within South Carolina.  

Recycling Guys
Mission Statement
Dorchester County Recycling mission is to help residents to recycle through education, educational materials and make available convenience sites for recycling.

General Information
Recycling is one of the most useful practices that benefit the environment and our community. Recycling not only saves landfill space; it also protects habitats and saves energy, water, and natural resources. Energy and going green is on everyone’s mind these days and is important to  to our environment, and also to our quality of life. Through recycling we reduce the use of natural resources and protect our environment.
New at the Convenience Sites
We are separating the commingles (plastics, glass and aluminum/steel cans) in their own collection containers. Glass, plastics and aluminum/steel cans will be collected in separate dumpsters at convenience sites. Please follow the signs and ask the site attendants if you have any questions.


Interesting Facts
Did you know?

Dorchester County  Recycling accepts plastics #1 thru #7 at the Convenience Sites

Definition of the numbers on Plastics:

  • #1 Plastics (PET or PETE-Polyethylene) is found in Soft drink, and water bottles; mouthwash, peanut butter and vegetable oil bottles...etc.
  • #2 Plastics (high density Polyethylene) is found in milk jugs, juice bottles, shampoo bottles and some household cleaners bottles...etc.
  • #3 Plastics (PVC) is found in window cleaner and detergent bottles and some piping...etc.
  • #4 Plastics (LDPE-low density Polyethylene) is found in squeezable bottles...etc.
  • #5 Plastics (PP-Polypropylene) is found in syrup, mustard, and ketchup bottles and caps...etc.

Before disposing of your recyclables always rinse out the recyclables and leave on the caps.  Remember the recycling number can be found usually on the bottom of the bottle in the recycling symbol.  Thanks for Recycling.


Recyclable Materials
Dorchester County has twelve (12) Convenience Sites where you can recycle paper, used motor oil, car batteries, oil and gas mixture, C & D materials, foam cushions, and cardboard.

The Convenience Sites will not take any hazardous materials such as chemicals or  any flammable liquids.

 CLICK here for Convenience Site Map

Smart Business


The S.C. Smart Business Recycling Program offers free, confidential, and non-regulatory services! For more information or to schedule a site visit, contact the South Carolina Smart Business Recycling Program by e-mail or call DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling at 1-800-768-7348.
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